Safety Concepts Group bv

Safety Concepts Group BV (SCG) is a global conglomerate sharing a similar mission in different non-related markets. Our mission is to provide safe and effective turnkey worksolutions for high risk operations based on thorough risk analysis.

Safety Concepts Group consists of the following companies:

  • Safety Concepts Group bv (parent company, NL)
  • Ascent Safety bv (NL)
  • Safe Tactics bv (NL)
  • TAGS Systems Ltd (UK)
  • Gear Point | GFP bv (NL)
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Safety Concepts Group - Investments
In addition to the companies listed above Safety Concepts Group is investing in high potential start-ups and young, fast growing entities. As "Angel Investors" we seriously commit -taking a significant share in the company- by investing financially, support & coach the entrepreneur(s) in various aspects of the business and activate our network in order to develop the entity rapidly and successfully.